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From gas to induction, how one homeowner improved his indoor air quality

“We still have the air monitor, and it never goes off like it used to.”

Vicky Volvovski
June 28, 2023
Ben Scott's induction stove has a slick black top with stainless steel finishes

Ben Scott's induction stove heats food quickly without making him sweat in the kitchen

Ben Scott of Ashland, Oregon swapped his old gas stove for an induction range. His gas stove was 16 years old and every time they turned on the gas oven, the “indoor air monitor would start to glow orange.”

Ben didn’t want to expose himself or his family to harmful air. His conclusion: “This has to go.” He purchased a Frigedaire slide-in induction range with a convection oven. Prior to installing it, he had to have the outlet in his kitchen upgraded to a 220V receptacle. 

“I could kick myself for not having the kitchen rewired when the electrician was out there last time.”

Ben’s advice: Understand the electrical capacity of your home and make a plan for what you want to upgrade over the next couple of years so that you can get all the electrical work done at once, which will save you money in the long run. 

Since installing the new range, he’s noticed a real difference in the air quality inside his home. “We still have the air monitor, and it never goes off like it used to,” he says. In addition to breathing better air, Ben’s happy with how induction keeps his kitchen cooler since there is no extra heat from the gas flames. 

Cooking on induction has been great too. Ben likes the precise control over temperature and how easy it is to clean. For people who have never tried induction, Ben recommends visiting a friend who has one or getting a portable induction cooktop for $100 to try out. In Ashland, the local library even has a program where you can check out a portable induction cooktop.

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