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Enjoy lower energy bills, better health, and more when you switch to high-efficiency, all-electric appliances and vehicles. We can help.

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We use information about your home, car, and where you live to highlight the climate upgrades that will benefit your home the most. Our recommendations help you live better, save money, and cut carbon.

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long-term savings

Find financial incentives to help reduce energy bills

For many, home electrification means long-term savings in spite of higher upfront costs. We help you find rebates and incentives to reduce those initial expenses, so you can enjoy cost-cutting home technology at a fraction of the price.

quality of life

From health to safety, better living in a million little ways

Heat pumps moderate humidity and reduce the risk of gas leaks. Induction stoves help avoid burns. EVs have new features and are fun to drive. These are just some of the ways electrification can improve day-to-day life.

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large-scale effort

Join a nationwide movement to power our lives with renewables

We have the power to change how we heat our homes, how we cook, how we dry clothes, how we drive, and more. Let’s use that power to create big change.

1 billion machines burning fossil fuel

Our adviser, scientist and inventor Saul Griffith, estimates that there are more than 1 billion machines burning fossil fuels throughout American homes.


40% of U.S. energy is carbon-free

And that number is growing. Renewable energy is the foundation of a strong home electrification strategy, and we help homeowners sign up.


That means real reductions

Renewable energy is more effective at preventing pollution when appliances run on electricity. Renewables + electric cars and appliances = healthier planet

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