Reduce employee emissions at home

Canopy supports companies, non-profits and other groups as they decarbonize – enabling reductions on a larger scale

Act as a team

to create a

healthier world

How it works

View your team's collective impact, fund action, and more

Work together to reduce your group’s collective emissions. Send people invitations to join your team, and distribute funds across your teammates to put toward climate action. As they submit receipts, we’ll process their transactions and let you know who to reimburse, for what amounts.

Invite teammates

When your teammates sign up, we measure their emissions to give your group a baseline.

Track efforts

As your teammates take action, our leaderboard and emissions dashboard show group progress.

Incentivize progress

We make it easy to send funds to teammates, empowering them to take action.

A screenshot of a zoom call with group UI overlaid. There's a team leaderboard and a set of bar graphs breaking down group emissions
tools to succeed

See your team’s progress and cheer each other on

Your group’s dashboard makes it easy to see how much carbon you’ve reduced, where your team should focus its efforts, and who is leading the charge.

incentivize action

Incentivize climate action with timely reimbursements

Whether you’re an employee resource group with a yearly budget or a neighborhood organization with grant funds to spend, we’ve made it easy to distribute funds to your teammates to further encourage participation.

A dog sits on a remote employee's lap. UI shows overall funds available to teams
A highway interchange jam packed with cars
scope 3 insights

Understand your emissions from remote work and commutes

Our data models provide estimates of employee emissions related to your company's work. We make it easy to view your data and export it for use in third-party reporting tools.

Canopy’s platform is very user friendly and they’re making what could be painful transitions into activities that are
motivating, fulfilling, and surprisingly fun.”
– Dave Finocchio
attract and retain talent

Workers are looking for climate-conscious employers

Employees want to work for organizations with clear values and a strong stance against climate change. Demonstrate your company's commitment to sustainability and climate action by partnering with Canopy.


of CEOs say that climate action will will enhance their ability to attract, retain and engage their workforce 1


of workers and job seekers surveyed consider environmentally sustainable companies more attractive 2

2 in 3

workers and job seekers would give preference to jobs at environmentally responsible organizations 2

1 in 2

workers and job seekers would accept a lower salary to work at organizations with visible social and climate values 2