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Canopy provides a software platform for governments and community-based organizations to accelerate the pace of home and vehicle electrification – making it easier to achieve your climate action goals

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How it works

Turnkey platform and advisory services to drive community action

Easily roll out the localized information, incentives, and personalized education residents need to learn about – and take action on – making clean energy upgrades. Canopy’s advisors can support your residents directly, or we can connect our platform with volunteer advisors in your community, so local governments don’t have to add more staff in order to make big progress. 

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Expand your reach

Scale up your outreach and education efforts with a white-labeled, customized online platform that helps residents get started quickly and share easily with friends and neighbors.

Drive action

Provide actionable, step-by-step guides and planning tools for homeowners and renters with localized information on incentives, financing, fuel pricing and contractors.

Measure and convert

We make it easy to measure engagement, actions and emissions reductions in your community and provide gentle nudges and reminders to increase completion rates.

Community partners
tools to succeed

A full platform to help you engage residents on climate strategy

Customized community websites

Create your white-labeled, one-stop-shop website for residents to learn about efficiency and clean energy upgrades along with federal, state and local rebates and incentives, installers, and advisor support.

Personalized, step-by-step guides

Move beyond general information and give residents guidance on their specific home. With a few questions and our economic and emissions models we can provide personalized recommendations, planning tools and self-serve guides to drive action, track progress and deliver nudges

Deliver advisory services

Residents may need help to navigate complicated projects, tangled incentives and aid programs, or discuss financing. Canopy can provide 1:1 advisory services to your residents, integrate with your existing team of advisors, or help build a community advisor program to handle questions and give residents the confidence to move forward.

A yard sign announces that a homeowner is going all electric, with a QR code to learn more
localized support

Launch and promote campaigns

Easily integrate and market local promotions, campaigns and incentives. Canopy provides the tools and support to launch and promote local solarize and heat smart programs utilizing current research from community-based social marketing.

Report progress

Measure your community’s collective impact

Canopy’s data dashboard provides aggregate data to help local governments report progress against their energy efficiency and climate action goals and to design new programs based on resident needs and interests.  

Achieve your climate goals

Reduce your region's carbon emissions

Residential buildings and transportation are the largest sources of emissions for cities and are some of the hardest to reduce. We help you give residents the education and tools to adopt clean energy technologies.


of all global energy consumption occurs in cities


of emissions in cities come from powering our homes, buildings, and industries


of emissions in cities come from transportation and personal vehicles

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