Climate benefits for a cooler future

Canopy makes it easy for employees to get to net zero carbon emissions at home

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Fight  downstream
CO2 emissions, directly

We help teams make better choices for their homes, transportation, and the world we share – turning individual action into collective impact

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why climate benefits

Why is Canopy right for your company?

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Reduce emissions among a distributed workforce

Whether your employees are commuting or working from home, we offer ways to reduce

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Advance your company's climate initiatives

Support broader company efforts to reach net zero emissions

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Attract job candidates while engaging your teams

Attract and retain employees while proving dedication to climate action

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Give employees the support they're looking for

Offer employees the information and guidance they need to take action

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SUPPORT your teams

In-depth help & advice, customized for each of your employees

Using the information your employees share, we offer a personalized experience on everything from the right benefits, to the best vendors, to the biggest rebates
For employees
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technology partners
SunrunSunpowerBonneville Environmental FoundationEnergySagePropella BikesJackrabbit BikesPlugStar by Plug in America
Attact & retain talent

Employees want your support fighting climate change

For companies


of workers and job seekers surveyed consider environmentally sustainable companies more attractive 2

2 in 3

workers and job seekers would give preference to jobs at environmentally responsible organizations 2

1 in 2

workers and job seekers would accept a lower salary to work at organizations with visible social and climate values 2


of CEOs say that climate action will will enhance their ability to attract, retain and engage their workforce 1

1 2021 Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey   2 IBM Institute for Business Value Survey 2021
Chart display that 42% of our emissions come from our homes and personal vehicles

Help lower more than a third of  U.S. emissions

35% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy we use to power our homes and cars. Our choices, made together, can reduce those emissions and move markets.
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